When you consider that a roof commands a large part of a property’s street appeal, it is important that you’re roofing selections are made with care and understanding. As trusted Auckland roofing contractors, we specialise in the installation of quality SPS Timber shingles and shakes, as well as Owens Corning fibreglass reinforced asphalt shingles. These high-grade products are recognised for their superior performance and appearance.

Our team of Auckland roofing specialists are on hand to provide you, or your business with the shingle roofing services you need.


• New Roofing

For your new build look no further than Shingle and Shake Roofing. Cedar and Asphalt shingle roofs are the quietest roofs on the market. Both products are considered lightweight roofs, which means there is less chance of trusses and rafters sagging. Owens Corning Asphalt shingles are quick to install, which means labour costs are cut down, and repairs are much easier. Owens Corning products come with Codemark certification, which means getting through council is a breeze. Best of all, the results look incredible. Request a quote today!


• Re-roofing and roof extensions

Whether you are converting from another roofing product, or simply looking for a roof replacement, look no further than Shingle and Shake Roofing. We aim to provide you with a low-stress process from start to finish. If you want to know more about the re-roofing process, click here.


• Roof Repairs, maintenance & inspections

For small issues with your asphalt or cedar roof, we are happy to inspect your roof, and give you a quote for repairs. Please request a quote today.